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Leitura e Interpretação em Inglês - Texto "Heartbeat"


You are running and your heart is beating fast now. Do you know why? Scientists say that when you are quiet or resting, your heart beats about seventy times a minute. Your heart is kind of pump that pumps blood to all parts of the body. 
The blood carries oxygen and food. You are running now, so your muscles are working hard. They are using the food that the blood carries to them. 
The muscles need oxygen, too. So your brain sends a signal to the heart. The signal means that the muscles need more food and oxygen. Then the heart beats fast (ninety to one hundred forty times a minute) and sends blood quickly to the muscles. That's why.


1) ........... is red.

A) Food
B) Blood
C) Heartbeat
D) Pump

2) He is not working now. He is quiet. He is.........

A) running
B) sending
C) resting
D) saying

3) Your heart .......... blood to all parts of your body.

A) pumps
B) needs
C) means
D) works

4) The .......... is the center of nervous activity.

A) oxygen
B) body
C) muscles
D) brain 

5) Match the columns to make correct sentences

1. Your brain                                  (    ) need oxygen, too.

2. When you are running               (    ) sends a signal to the heart.    
3. Your heart                                 (    ) carries oxygen and food.
4. The blood                                  (    ) is a kind of pump.
5. Your muscles                             (    ) your heart beats fast.
6. Your heart pumps                      (    ) blood to all parts of the body.

Bibliografia: Reading texts in English, edição 9/ Autor: Amadeu Marques/ Pag. 21 à 23

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