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Exercise #4

Qual a pergunta mais coerente para as respostas abaixo?

1) She's Italian.

A) What's her occupation?
B) What's her nationality?
C) Where does she come?

2) Because he's a liar.

A) Why do you like him?
B) Why don't you talk to him? 
C) Why don't you like her? 

3) It's next weekend.

A) When's your birthday?
B) When do you feel sad?
C) When you arrive at home, can you give me a call?

4) It's me, David. Open the door.

A) Who's he?
B) Where is it?
C) Who is it?

5) I don't have a favorite one. I just love comedy.

A) What's your favorite band?
B) What's your favorite movie?
C) Who's your favorite TV star?

6) He's tall, thin and has a blond hair.

A) How tall is he?
B) How is he?
C) What does he look like?

7) I'm going to London.
A) When are you going?
B) Where are you going?
C) How are you going?

8) No way! I hate sports.

A) Can you drive?
B) Can you cook?
C) Can you play tennis?

9) Yes, please! I'm lost.

A) How much is this?
B) Can I help you?
C) Where are you from?

10) Yes, please. I'm thirsty.

A) Do you want some water?
B) Do you make a coffee?
C) Do you prefer beer or soda?

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