terça-feira, 20 de maio de 2014

Exercise #17

Escolha a alternativa que é a mais adequada para o diálogo abaixo:

1) Hi, John! This is my friend Mike.

A) Where are you, Mike?
B) Nice to meet you, Mike.

2) I'm from Brazil. What about you?

A) We're from France.
B) Yes, we're here. 

3) You're from Texas. Is it a country?

A) No, it's a state in the USA.
B) Yes, it's in Central America.

4) Glad to meet you, students!

A) Excuse me, I'm very bad.
B) Glad to meet you too.

5) What course are you in?

A) Spanish 1.
B) Yes, I'm a student here.

6) Is my cell phone number really necessary for my registration here?

A) Next, please!
B) No, it isn't. I'm sorry!

7) What's your area code?

A) It's an even number.
B) It's three seven.

8) Are rhinoceros from Africa or Asia?

A) Yes, they are.
B) They're from Africa.

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