terça-feira, 13 de maio de 2014

Exercise #16

1) A teacher's job is not easy but it is interesting and _ _ _ _ _.
(A) challenging
(B) started
(C) changed
(D) dark
(E) discouraged

2) You did me a big favor and I am _ _ _ _ for your help.

(A) bigger
(B) thankful
(C) wrong
(D) happier

(E) difficult

3) There is nothing inside the box. It is _ _ _ _.

(A) full
(B) bright
(C) negative
(D) next
(E) empty

4) The story is hard to believe. It is really _ _ _ _.

(A) bright
(B) half
(C) amazing
(D) positive
(E) another

5) Follow my _ _ _ _. Be an optimist.

(A) luck
(B) smile

(C) advice
(D) letters
(E) side

6) The police cannot find him in any place. He seems to be _ _ _ _.

(A) here
(B) there
(C) nowhere
(D) without
(E) now here

7) The theater is expensive, and I don't have much money. So I _ _ _ _ go there.
(A) often
(B) always
(C) seldom
(D) ever
(E) frequently

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