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The Apple and The Moon (Text Exercise)

Fala aí, galerinha! Então, que tal ler o texto e responder as perguntas? Vamos praticar vocabulário e interpretação.

The Apple And The Moon

One man - Isaac Newton - (1642 - 1727) presented the world with three fundamental discoveries: the method of calculus, which is the basis for much of modern mathematics; the spectral composition of light along with the fundamentals of optics; and the law of universal gravitation and the basic laws of mechanics. Newton was then twenty-three years old.
The story about Newton and the apple is not a legend. Newton frequently described it himself. He saw an apple fall from a tree to the ground at a time when the moon was in the evening sky. He asked himself if the moon was attracted by the same force the apple was - the rest is history. 
But there is one part of the story that isn't true. When it fell, the apple did not hit Newton on the head. That is a legend.

1) Answer the questions below:

A) How many fundamental discoveries did Newton make?
B) How old was Newton then?
C) Is the story of Newton and the apple true or false?
D) What did he ask himself?
E) Did the apple hit the ground or Newton's head?

2) Complete

A) Newton made important contributions in all these fields of science, except...
a) mathematics                            b) mechanics
c) optics                                      d) medicine

B) Newton _______ talked about his observations about the fall of the apple.
a) never                                       b) always
c) once                                        d) often

C) Newton was in the garden when he saw the apple...
a) fall on his head                       b) fall from the moon
c) hit the evening sky                 d) hit the ground

D) Newton discovered that the same force that made the apple fall down (and not up) was also attracting...
a) the sky                                   b) the laws
c) the moon                                 d) the world

Este texto foi retirado do livro "Reading texts in English" - Book 1 - Ensino Médio; Autor: Amadeu Marques; Páginas 67 e 69; Editora Ática

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