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Exercicíos com questões de vocabulário intermediário

Do you really speak English? Let's practice a little bit your knowledge, shall we?

1) Which sentence is correct ?
A) Can you borrow me your book?
B) Can I borrow me your book?
C) Can I borrow your book?
D) Can I lend me your book?

2) What do you "blow" if you lose your temper?
A) Your head
B) Your roof
C) Your top
D) Your nose

3) If I want to sell my house, I call a(n) _____________
A) undertaker
B) glazier
C) chiropodist
D) estate agent

4) Which of the following is not possible?
A) Make your bed in the morning.
B) Make a photo of the teacher and I!
C) It's difficult for Joe to make friends.
D) Oh, no! I've made a mistake!

5) Since John missed part of the course, he had to work hard to _______________ the rest of the class.
A) put up with
B) catch up with 
C) come over
D) get along

6) You will certainly ___________ you son if you give him whatever he wants.
A) spoil
B) break
C) hurt
D) damage

7) Which of the following verbs is NOT related to "mouth"?
A) Wink
B) Lick
C) Bite
D) Chew

8) Hang up the phone, Karen! It's been _________ for hours.
A) tapped
B) engaged
C) disconnected
D) broken

9) "Mike hardly works" means that Mike works:
A) full time
B) a lot
C) part time
D) very little

10) The World Cup _________ every four years.
A) is held
B) is holding
C) hold
D) has held 

Estas questões foram retiradas do livro "Treine seu inglês" - Livro 5 - Páginas 7, 14, 81, 90, 94 ; Editora Coquetel

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