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My New Job (Text - Exercise)

Após as postagens sobre Futuro Simples e Futuro com Going To, leia o texto abaixo e responda as perguntas.

My New Job

Hey, Melissa! How are you doing, my friend? Well, I have some news. I'm going to live in PARIS! Do you believe it? I got a job there. Oh I'm so anxious and apprehensive!
You know that I don't speak French very well. I only speak English and Italian. But I'll study hard and I will learn this beautiful language. I'll speak fluently. You will see.

I'm lucky 'cause my husband lived in France many years ago, then I think he will help me there. My son is very excited and he's saying that we're gonna visit Eiffel Tower as soon as possible.
My family and I are going to take a flight next week. Everything's happening so fast! But I know it's the right decision.
What do you think? Are you going to visit me there? I hope so! I believe you'll be happy for me as well. 
I know you read your Gmail every night before going to bed so I'll be waiting for your reply.
Take care,

Answer the questions according to the text above.

1) Why is she moving to France?
A) Because her husband got a new job.
B) Because she was promoted.
C) Because she was hired by a foreign company. 

2) Besides French, how many languages does this woman speak?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 1

3) What kind of job did Charlotte get?
A) I.T. (Information Technology).
B) As a doctor.
C) Not mentioned.

4) What is her son saying?
A) They're gonna visit Eiffel Tower next week.
B) They're gonna visit Eiffel Tower as soon as possible.
C) They're gonna live in Eiffel Tower as soon as possible.

5) Charlotte is telling Melissa the good news through:
A) letter.
B) email.
C) mail.

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