terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2015

Exercise #30

Vamos ler o texto abaixo com vários verbos no passado?

Last year

Last year, I visited my mother and studied French. I didn't have many problems and I made a lot of friends. I went to the USA and learned English a lot too. I saw different places and had time to take pictures. I didn't drink beer, I drank only soda. I ate barbecue and slept late on weekends.

I started a business and worked a lot. My business helped me learn and understand things. I didn't want to live in the USA because I love Brazil. My life changed and I had many things to do every day. I also finished what I started in 2003: an English course. I didn't lose anything. I only won. This was the best year of my life. Everything went fine.

Answer the questions

A) Who did he visit last year?

B) What languages did he learn?

C) Where did he go last year?

True or False

A) He had a lot of problems. (   )
B) He didn't make friends. (   )
C) He worked a lot last year. (   )
D) Last year was the best year of his life. (   )

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