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Exercise #29

Hello, guys! Bem, no Exercise #27, fizemos deveres com verbos regulares no passado. No Exercise #28, fizemos com os verbos irregulares no passado. Que tal agora nós misturarmos tudo?

1) Passe as frases abaixo para o passado

A) I like to see that movie.
B) She follows his advices.
C) Her son steals things.
D) You lend your books.
E) They go to the park.
F) You play that song at church.
G) My brother and I have three guitars.
I) Jason dances at the party.

2) Passe para a forma interrogativa

A) His father took them to the vet.
B) You changed your mind.

C) Those boys broke the window.
D) Mr. Johnson got mad at me because of this.
E) She showed you the way.

3) Passe para a forma negativa

A) She paid twenty dollars for it.
B) Jonathan did many things today.
C) I waited for them yesterday.
D) She learned how to speak French.
E) They put him in a good school.

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