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Exercise #28

Vamos praticar um pouco do que aprendemos nos Grammar #21 - Simple Past - Part 2?
Percy Jackson Book

1) Passe as frases abaixo para o passado

A) David and Rachel know the truth about it.
B) I hear this story many times.
C) My brother says a lot of stupid things.
D) He gets home at seven thirty.
E) We go shopping.
F) You meet my best friend.
G) I drink coffee and I eat toast.
I) He thinks about it all the time.

2) Passe para a forma interrogativa

A) You did your homework today.
B) Her mom made a delicious cake.
C) He watched that TV show I told him about.
D) Rick Riordan wrote Percy Jackson series.
E) They ran at the park for hours.

3) Passe para a forma negativa

A) I drove this car yesterday.
B) She read that magazine at the office.
C) We slept after midnight.
D) He sang a beautiful and emotional song.
E) Mark woke up late today.

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