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Simple Future (Exercise)

Que tal a gente praticar um pouco o que a gente aprendeu sobre as regras do Simple Future? Let's go, guys!

1) Passe as frases para o futuro:
A) I stayed there for many weeks.
B) He works for that company.
C) David and Michael are the new teachers.
D) We studied hard during the year.
E) Jennifer helps you with the homework.
F) I am a new member here.
G) They have to work overseas.
H) She sold her house for a high price.
I) We went to Florida on business.
J) I need to hire a new employee.

2) Passe as frases para a forma negativa:
A) She'll make a speech at that conference.
B) I'll wait here until he arrives.
C) My father will play the guitar tonight.
D) We will study so much for the SAT.
E) The students will learn new subjects this semester.

3) Passe as frases para a forma interrogativa:
A) Joseph will have dinner with us.
B) You'll tell me the whole truth.
C) We'll have to start from scratch.
D) The stores will raise the prices next year.
E) He will begin law school next semester. 

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