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The Sun God (Text - Exercise)

Oi, gente! Então, que tal ler o texto abaixo e responder as perguntas? Vamos praticar vocabulário e interpretação.

The Sun God

The creation of gods, goddesses, or myths was a product of the early period of mankind's life on earth; but some myths sometimes develop about heroes or prominent people in any age or time.
Not long ago a scholar with a sense of humor presented the theory that Napoleon Bonaparte never existed but was just a myth. His name was really Apollo, the sun god (N-Apoleo-n); his two wives were the earth and the moon; his four brothers were the four seasons; his twelve generals were the twelve signs of the zodiac, and so on. 
The scholar was just having fun, but many other myths probably began in just the same way.

1) True or false?

(   ) Gods, goddesses and myths are modern creations.
(   ) Some stories about famous people are not real.
(   ) Napoleon had just one wife.
(   ) Napoleon was an only child.
(   ) Napoleon had more than ten generals.
(   ) That scholar's theory was interesting, but not true.

2) Now answer the questions below:

1) Who was Apollo?
2) How many wives did Napoleon have?
3) According to that scholar, who were Napoleon's wives?
4) How many brothers did Napoleon have?
5) What are the seasons of the year?
6) How many generals did Napoleon have?

Este texto foi retirado do livro "Reading texts in English" - Book 1 - Ensino Médio; Autor: Amadeu Marques; Páginas 64 e 66; Editora Ática

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