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Exercise #27

Vamos praticar um pouco do que aprendemos nos Grammar #20 - Simple Past - Part 1?

1) Passe as frases abaixo para o passado

A) I like to dance very much.
B) She walks alone on the street.
C) You look at her several times.
D) We listen to the radio.
E) Patrick and Jason want to do this test.
F) Jack opens the door.
G) I remember that fact.
H) This engine stops working.

2) Passe para a forma interrogativa

A) Gwen stayed here last night.
B) My friends lied to me all this time.

C) He helped them at school.
D) They closed the door during the meeting.
E) She waited for so long.

3) Passe para a forma negativa

A) I started to play this morning.
B) Kevin moved to China last year.
C) She called me after lunch.
D) We stopped working late.
E) They answered the question.

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