terça-feira, 28 de abril de 2015

Exercise #25

Leia o texto e responda:

Sell your car and buy a bike!

Bicycles are very popular today in many countries. Many people use bicycles for exercise. But exercise is only one of the resons why bikes are popular. Another reason is money. Bicycles do not cost much money. You do not need any gas to make them go. They are easy and cheap to fix.

In cities, many people prefer bycicles to cars. With a bicycle, they never have to wait in traffic. They don't have any problem to find a place to park. And finally, bikes don't cause any pollution!


1) Where are bicycles popular today?

2) What do people use bicycles for?

3) Are bicycles expensive?

4) Do you need any gas to make them go?

5) Is it cheap or expensive to fix a bike?

6) Why do people in cities prefer bicycles to cars?

7) Is it difficult to find a place to park a bike?

8) Do bicycles cause any pollution?

Bibliografia: Reading texts in English, edição 9/ Autor: Amadeu Marques/ Págs. 82 e 83

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